Description: Users enter the buyer's and runner's information into the system, then proceed with the payment. The tickets will be sent to the user's account (the email address entered by the user) and the user will receive both a successful purchase email and a successful event registration email.

1. Buy tickets on the Website

Step 1: Visit the website: and log in.


Step 2: Select the event on the homepage, and click [Purchase Ticket] for ongoing events. 

Step 3: Choose the ticket type and quantity (the number of tickets and purchase conditions vary according to the event organizer's regulations for each event). Click [Pay Now]. 

Step 4: Fill in the information:

  • Buyer information

  • Athlete information for each ticket.

Check [I have read and agree to the terms of use] box


Step 5: Choose the payment method: [Onepay] or [VNPay] then click [Payment].

  • Payment via Onepay uses international payment cards.

  • Payment via VNPay uses QR code scanning, domestic cards, bank accounts, or VNPay e-wallets. 

Step 6: Complete the payment



2. Buy tickets in 5BIB app

Step 1: On the Homepage tab, select [Buy BIB] to start buying tickets.

Step 2: After entering the event, you can select the type and quantity of tickets as instructed.

Step 3.1: After selecting the tickets, fill in the buyer's information and press [Next].

Step 3.2: Fill in the buyer's information, check [I have read and agree to the Terms of use] box, then click [Continue]

Step 4: Enter the participant's information for each ticket then press [Confirm]

Step 5: After completing the participant's information for the tickets, press [Continue].

Step 8: Select a payment method to pay for the order.

Step 9: Enter and apply any promotional code, if available, then click [Pay].

Step 10: You will receive a notification once the payment is successful.